Problem running aged debtor reports into excel

When we print out aged debtor reports from Navision everything works great! But when we put it print to excel, it doesn’t show up aged. Our Navision help people have been unable to give us any advice to fix this problem and it just makes no sense why it would work when we print to paper but not excel. Anyone have this problem or a solution? thanks


What version are you on? Not sure the Aged Accounts receivable prints directly to Excel (it may do in a version later than the one I am running) so is it standard or a modification?

Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 4.0 SP2.

It’s rather frustrating…why would you be able to run it perfectly to paper but not to excel? Is there any cheap way to fix this?

Sorry now I understand, on the customer side you are talking about report 120 not printing the aging buckets when the print to Excel option is selected.

I believe this is due to the nature of the aged fields, they can be anything with the aging period definable. However I am not a developer. I would suggest you contact your partner and ask for a solution or an answer form Microsoft!