Problem: Role Center not display

I need help to fix this problem:

When I open Dynamics AX 2012 and I go to the Home Page, I’m supposed to view the Role Center Page, but instead it’s displayed the following message:

“You cannot view data on this page because you are not a registered user in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics AX Administrator”

The user is created in system administration with an assigned role and profile.

Any ideas how can I fix this ? Thanks

Try linking it to an employee record in the user relations.

There is already the relation between the employee and the user. The role center displays the same error.

Then it must be EP and SharePoint related if all AX elements are configured with the correct setup. You will need more technical hlep to resolve this.

Hi, I am getting following error by clicking ‘Home’ in ax 2012 for role center

Error: Access Denied

Current User
You are currently signed in as: **
Sign in as a different user


If EP setup is already done, then try to do the following things.

  1. System administration->Common->Users->Users select user and click on Edit. In Edit form there is checkbox to enable. Please check on this box.
  2. Set user relation by clicking on Relations from action pane.
  3. Assign the Profile to the user by clicking on Profiles from action pane.

Hope this will help.