Problem Regarding Fixed Asset Setup


can anyone help me problem with the problem related to Fixed Asset Setup?The error is the field vat prod posting group of the table purchase Line contains a value vat that cannot be found on related table (Vat prod Posting Group)The Problem is I cannot find Vat Product Posting Group in Fixed Asset Card


Field is available in Table .You need to bring that field on display by using designer.

i have added the field but it’s still showing same problem

You need first set the values in VAT Posting group which is in setup then you can select those value in this field

For setting up go to

Financial Management–> Setup–> VAT Posting group

I had already set up the vat posting group …but it’s still showing error

What exactly is the error message? and when are you getting?

the field vat prod posting group of the table purchase line contains a value vat25 that cannot be found in related table(vat product posting group)can you solve this?

Is that the error message you are getting?

Is that standard error?

Are you getting error when posting purchase order ??

yes…any solution

i had change little bit on vat%

I think its not standard error message and its customized in your database…

Are you doing purchase order for Fixed asset. ??

Have you selected VAT prod posting group on Fixed asset card ?