Problem regarding AIF(File System Adapter)

hi can anyone help me in AIF ??

i am fetching records thru File System Adapter and there are 10000 records in table but im getting only 1000 record on my XML. can u please help me.

Thanks and regards
Chinmay Mishra


GoTo Basic–>AIF–>Endpoints—>actionpolicies–>Configuration —>Select Setup tab in that configuration file ----> Set the maximum outbound records (default is 1000)



thanks for reply sir , but the option is "max. number of document " not “maximum outbound records” .

anywayz i’ll try it . thanks again [:)]

thank it works…[:D]

could u give me the code for outbound exchange in AIF using FileSystemAdapter?

Because In my table having the 100 records but while runnging the job for outbound Exchange it shows only one record.