Problem Opening a Card from a Subpage Listpart

I’ve been trying to get a Listpart which is a subform on a page to open to a card view and cannot get it ot work. Are you able to double click a list part to open a Card? If I change the Page Type to List I can get it to open my contact card when I run the List page and cannot get it to work this way if it is a listpart. When I add it to a page as a subform, I cannot get the double click to open the card no matter what the Page type of the subform is List or Listpart.

Basically what I have is the list of contacts related to a customer that is a subform on the Customer card (form and page). In classic I can select the contact number in the list and it wil open the card for that contact. I am trying to do the same in RTC and I cannot get it to work. I added a screen shot, I’m trying to double click the area marked in red and have the contact card open for the record.

Any ideas on what I might need to do or if it is possible?

Look at the standard How Customer Card is open when we click on Customer No in transactions.


It took me a little bit to figure out how to do this, but thank you! now that I know I can use it myself too :slight_smile:

Please leave your factbox content as ListPart. Suppose you have named the page: Contacts List FactBox, Then set its:

SourceTable: Contact (your contact table name)

CardFormID: Contact Card (your Contact Card name)

Then in the onLookup tirgger of Code, or Name (or both) add:




So I would need the full developer license to do this or I have to have my partner do it due to the Code required? I can only do code on reports with my license.

yes correct

Hi guys,

i think u are making it more complex… you click on the contact number field and that open a dropdown list and if u wanna drag further u can go to the advanced button in the dropdown and from there u can open the card from the actions…

of course you should make the user understand this and follow this… this is the protocol for RTC…!