Problem of Inhouse manufacturing & Imported Items

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We are Implementing Dynamics NAV 5.1 SP1. We have gone through our functional Requirement Sessions and we are facing a Problem regarding the Item Codes ( Item Masters).

We are Manufacturing Some of the Items in our factory as well as we are Imporing the same Items from Our Perents also. When we manufacture these Items, they have got BOMs associated.In our Existing system we are having Two diffrent codes to tackle this issue.

Now the Problem is, can we have in dynamics a Single Item With BOM as well as the same Item we can Import, Logically speaking it should be only one Item with option of Make or Buy ?

How to achieve this. How to handle the issue in Dynamics NAV. Kindly Advice

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You can set the item up as a BOM type item with a replenishment system of Prod. Order, but this does not stop you loading it on a purchase order. Planning will however see this as a production order if you are using this, so you would need to manually action the purchases.

Thank you for your suggestion.

As you rightly said its a good Idea to have mannual PO Processing with the same item code.

Secondly I just would like to know that, when we purchase rather import the material; the cost of that material is diffrenet and when we manufacture the same, it costs ( cost of Goods ) diffrent

Say Imported Landed - $ 12

Say Manufactured - $10 ; now the import decision may be based on Raw material availability inland or any other factors governing the Purchases.

How to now distinguish these two materials in the system to have Right cost in the Final Finished Goods?

Waiting for your reply.

What is your costing method?

You will see from the structure of the item ledger entries that different lines can have different costs, so ultimatley this will not matter and will be distinguishable. How the system accounts for them depends upon the costing method.

My Costing method is Wt. Avg. type.

Lets say we have combination of the Inhouse and Imported Materials. How costing for the same will flow.

and how we will be attach the Appropriate costs to the Finished Items.

Please guide.



The cost of each inbound will affect the average, and the finished goods will absorb at average - as this is your costing method, so there is no real “appropriate” cost, the fact you are average handles these differences, if you do not want this then you have the wrong costing method!

Dear Adam,

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