Problem: Inventory Adjustment

Hi NOLUG, Using Navision Attain, Database version: 3.01A. We have problems with Report 795 “Adjust Cost” When there are more than 100 Sales connected to Purchase, the rounding posted is wrong! For example: 1.Let us create a new item (for example 70061 - TEST ITEM, measured in pieces) with costing method FIFO. 2.Let us purchase 150 pieces (for example with unit cost 1000 LCY) from item 70061. 3.Let us purchase 200 pieces (for example with unit cost 1500 LCY) from item 70061. 4.Let us sale 208 pieces with unit price 2000, but we sale one piece for a sales line of item 70061. This mean we have 208 sales entries in Item Ledger (also in 5802 Item Value) 6.Report 795 creates an entry for this item with Entry Type Rounding and amount - 50 000 LCY!!! As we investigate the problem, it seems to be from the recursions in Codeunit 5895 Inventory Adjustment. The MaxLevels (in function MakeMultilevelAdj) variable is set to 100, and if there is more than 100 sales invoices connected to one or more purchase invoice, the functions restarts the calculation in order to avoid stack overflow. But if we set the MaxLevels to 500 for example – the function makes the correct rounding – of course THIS IS NOT the right way of fixing this function! Is anybody know this problem and what exactly is the problem, because I dont have any logic suggestion except to expand the MaxLevels but this will produce stack overflow and again won’t be correct if we have more than 500 sales. Best Regards Jem Ahmed

Dear Jem, it will be much more complicated when you sell the rest 142 pcs. (each line one pcs.). You will get 350.000 LCY rounding difference (after adjustment). Even the batch “Post inventory cost to G/L” can not help you anymore. I will have a separate test tomorrow with posting direct the item cost during sales/purchase invoice posting. Have you already reported this issue to your NTR ? I will let you know by tomorrow. Regards Walter Edited by - walter@kirz on 2001 Nov 19 10:50:40

Hi Walter, 10x for your reply. Yes I have reported this to Navision, but i dont have any response yet. If you achieve any progress i’ll be glad if you share it with me :slight_smile: We have big troubles with this, because we have real client working with 301B, and now I’m trying a way to fix “somehow” the wrong entries, but i still cant find any clear solution yet. 10x Jem Ahmed

Might be an obvious question but – Do you happen to know if the 100 transactions limit applies to outstanding transactions or to total transactions ? By outstanding I mean transactions that have been added since the last time “Adjust Cost” was run. Also is this a 3.xx bug or does it occur in Version 2.6 ?