Problem in 'Voucher Print' Report

Hi All… This is my 1st posting and I seek a solution regarding ‘Voucher Print’ report. Whenever payment is made to Vendor the ‘Voucher print’ report which is default Navision report credits the balancing account in First line and then debits the Vendor in next line which, in accounting terms is totally wrong and every Client have objection. Can anyone of suggest me any solution within Navision itself?. Apart from making a dedicated report for this Case. Thanks,

Why is it wrong?

Hi David Thnx for your reply. As per the opinion of client, this method is being followed traditionally in India and it is easy to accomodate and also easy to make auditor understand this. whats your opinion on this

Opinion on what? I still do not see what is wrong. PS Thanks (no X in there anywhere).

  1. What Object ID does this Voucher report have? 2) Why are there 2 lines (journal lines, I presume)? Each line has an account and a balance account. There isn’t one line for each, is there? 3) Do you mean Navision - an accounting system by excellence - is doing something which is completely wrong in accounting terms? 4) Why do you write everything in blue?!? [B)]

Do you mean to say that Debit line should always be displayed first???

yes you are right, Rajesh as the Client always stick to this format

Since we have no idea what you are talking about, how can we tell you. It looks to me that this should be in the “Indian Local Version” forum. If you post to the developer forum, then we assume that you have a Development issue [Duh!] If you have a development issuel, then post a sample of the code, or the object number you are working with. Please post in the forum that makes sense!