Problem in Transfer Order

Dear all,

I am facing one problem in Transfer order.

I am transfering(ship) Item from First location And receiving(receive) it at second location.

I am doing the same process at many locations, and have no problem in shipping and receiving.

But If I am transfering(ship) item from a particular location( Delhi) to a receiving location ( Mumbai). It is getting shipped from Delhi location , but not showing anything in Transfer Order at Mumbai location.

What might be the problem at Mumbai Location ?

No answer yet ?

Where are You Mr. AdamRou ?

You have to post the transfer shipment AND the transfer receipt.

Dear Girish

From transfering location I am doing Ship(in transfer order)

but at receiving location it is not showing any transfer order pending for receipt.

This is the problem.

One personnel questions, Are you a pahari(kumaoni) guy ?

Have you confirmed shipped quantity field?
Look at availability by location and display in transit location and confirm quantity.

I have checked shipped quantity field, It is there.

Also I checked availability by location and transit location, it is showing shipped item in transit

Now, why the same is not reflecting in transfer order in receiving location ?

I have faced the same problem for one of my client, There is a problem in Transfer Order, some times received quantity updated in the transfer order but it does not get posted actually. (I noticed that it was happing while posting the transfer order when some other user posting the order having 400-500 lines and takes some times to post).

There was no solution given by Microsoft yet.

In My case, when I am posting this transfer order i.e. doing ship, It is reflecting it in posted shipment and in-transit but still showing it in Transfer order.

Infact, I am posting only one line and no other user is working at transfer order at this time.

Once the transfer order is posted(Ship), It should not be shown in Transfer order, but in my case even after posting, it is showing it in transfer order(at sending location) but not showing it at receiving location.

So, is it a bug in navision ?

On the same transfer order, adjust the qty to receive fields and post it again.