Problem In Transfer Order Receiving

hi guys, I am facing a strange problem when we are trying to receive a transfer order which has been shipped. On posting (receiving) the Transfer Order the system also tries to post any existing Item Journal (for eg - any lines in the DEFAULT batch) If I delete all the entries in Item Journal Lines table the Transfer Gets Posted correctly. Can anybody suggest why this is occuring. This is happening on a new client database where we only setup the Masters. The navision version we are using is 3.70IN. Thanks in advance kmbhartiya

Hi, I guess you applied all hotfixes. Are you using Item Tracking? Can you post the exact error message what you are getting.

Hi Rajesh, We have applied Hotfix 5 (IN). As for the exact error , well the error that I get is dependent on the existing Item Journal Line. for eg if the journal line has 0 qty then I get a message ’ that you have not entered qty. on a line’ from the Check Line CU. We are using Item Tracking but this problem occurs for Item’s without Item Tracking. By looking at the code 1 thing that I could decipher was that somehow the PostItemJournal function in the Tranfer Recv CU (5705) is getting called 1 extra time- I am looking into this. Thanks in advance KMBhartiya

Hi, Microsoft has released about 17 Hotfixes for Navision 3.7 and some hotfixes related to Item Tracking. Can you check Reservation Entry table, sometimes it’s has ghost entries for Source ID = 83. I don’t remember the exact hotfix, One hotfix has the resolution for that problem. Please check the list of all hotfixes released for 3.7

Hi, I’ve moved this topic to end-user Questions Many Thanks Tony