problem in running report from TempTable


Can any body help me in running a ssrs report through running a job(X++ code).

Actually I am doing this because the table I am having is a temp table so I want to run the job into a single session for which I am inserting the data into the table and simultaneously i want to run a ssrs report fething the data from the temp table .

I have written the code as ,

static void insertdata(Args _args)


TestTable testTable;

DRV_TmpTableReport tmpTableReport;

SrsReportRun srsReportRun;

//SysQueryRun queryRun;



tmpTableReport = new DRV_TmpTableReport();

select forUpdate testTable;

testTable.AccountNum= ‘5000’;


srsReportRun = new SrsReportRun (‘Report3.PrecisionDesign1’);


if( srsReportRun )





but the report is not showing any data .Can anybody help me in this regard.


Abhishek Bhati