Problem in Running Account Schedules in SQL Server

Hi, may I know if anyone faced problem when running account schedule in SQL Navision? The fields doesn’t seems to add up. I realised this when I ran the database on proprietary. The totaling field is always wrong. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanx in advance.

Hi, How you defined your Row No? Define it alphanumeric(e.g. R1,R2…) and add up the rows.

Which special characters are you using to sum fields? Only the simple operators (+, -) and (|) work. Row ranges (10…49) do not work. Any further information od the why gratefully accepted.

I found the same problem when we switched our database to SQL from proprietary. Our NSC informed me it is how SQL recognizes the fields and that it wants the fields to be an uniform length (ie all 4 characters), why I do not know. To fix it we changed our row no. from two digits to four digits, and adjusted the totaling formulae to reflect the row no. changes. so now 10 = 1000, 11 = 1001, S1 = 1019, etc. and I was still able to use row ranges in the totaling (formula = 1000…1009), though I did find an extra character in one field (butter fingers on my part). Thing may have changed with more recent version, we are using 3.10.

Hey, thanx for all your suggestions. The account schedule works perfectly fine in the proprietary database when we restored it. I guess the problem faced by Wyatt is not resolved yet in 3.70. Maybe I can try the four digits suggestion.

Hi Nova, Wyatt’s issue was resolved using the 4 digit solution. Regards, Django

Another way around the problem is to use Alpha Characters as the row number Cheers Peter