Problem in Reverse Service Tax

Hi All,

I have upload the new patch for the reverse service tax mechnism, here after uploading i have the setup which is mention in the PDF, but the problem is this that it calculate the wrong tax.

eg Invoice amt : 1000

Service tax is coming : 123 instead of 49.5 because i have calculate tax only 40% of invoice amount 1000. which is equal to 49.5., can any one has idea what exactly is missing in my setup.



Have you set the services according to percentage required ??

Hi Amol ,

Iam testing this in my test enviroment.done the following setup

Service Tax Group From Service Entity Type To Service Entity Type Reverse Charge Tax Type Reverse Charge %
REV I COMPANY Standard 40

here iam attaching the setup file.

HI Shailesh,

I am looking for Service Tax Reverse Charge Mechanism Hotfix for AX 2009 RU 8. Can you share me the link to download the patch.


John Philip .S

Is it after posting or before posting you are checking.