Problem in Return shipment no. series

Dear all,

I am making one Purchase return order, When I am Posting it

I am getting one error message

" You must specify Return shipment No. series in Purchase header Document type =‘Return Order’ No. = “RET-03” "

I checked the Purchase and Payable setup but there is no field called " Return Shipment No." There is “Posted Return shipment No.”, which I have assigned a series.

Where to assign this “Return Shipment No. Series” ?

it is the posted return shipment number series, but it seems you return shipment was created before you fill that field, you should create a new return order and copy the content of this one into it (without header) it will work :slight_smile:

If you do a CTRL+F8 or Zoom on the header you will see this field is not populated. As Romeo says the order was created prior to the number series being defined in the setup.