Problem in Production type Vendor after firming in Master Planning


After running master planning if we firm Production order then by default it comes as a Production type “Standard” but some time I want it as a “Vendor”.

Here after firming Production order in master planning I can not edit Production type from Standard to Vendor.

I can change production type as Vendor if I create production order manually and not from Master planning.

My subcontracting is fully dependent on Production type Vendor.

My question that whether there is any way to firm Production Order with Production Order type as Vendor and whether there is any workaround to change the Production Order type as Vendor of a created Production Order.

Thanks in advance.

If teh subcontracting was set to create a reference production order that was the sub-contracting this would be vendor, but there has to be a source, you can do this manually but planning wants you to structure this as expected.

Sorry, your answer is not clear. Kindly explain in detail.

I think you wanna to say that ,child Item (BOM) is subcontracting item then keep ti as BOM line type vendor.

child Item (BOM) is subcontracting item will not appear in planned order page but once u firm parent item then two orders will create
first (Parent) is production type “standard” and second (Child) is “Vendor”.

Thanks !!

Yes that is correct, the vendor production order needs a vessel to relate to which is your internal production order that drives the supply, then planning produces both referenced to each other and the second correct set as vendor.