Problem in P.R and P.O

kindly i need your help and i hope someone can help me

Now i create a purchase requisition No#003 for item A Qty 5

Now i create a purchase requisition No#005 for item B Qty 10

then I create a purchase order against P.R No# 003

and didn’t create a P.O against second P.R No# 005

So, how can i follow and know the status of those purchase requisition ?

How can i find which P.R is complete and and which is not finish yet ?

I need you help plz

Thank you

There’s a form called “Release approved purchase requisitions” that shows the status of the purchase req and the subsequent PO. Does that do it?

kindly if u can clarify the status of P.R and what is the valid mean ( tick mark or cross mark or without mark )
Thanks you so much for your kind reply


I think you get the red cross mark if there’s a budget validation failure, a pre-encumbrance error, something wrong with the quote, price tolerance problems, an invalid vendor selected, or any other type of critical error.

You’ll get a yellow warning symbol if the budget check passed with warnings.

If you get a green tick mark, the purchase req is approved and the budget check has passed. These approved purchase reqs can have POs created for them. Once you create a PO from this, you should see that record fall from the list.

If items aren’t showing up on that form, there might be an issue. I seem to remember there being some sort of hotfix released for R2 around the budget check process being required even if budgeting isn’t enabled, but I can’t remember for sure.

Thank you for reply