Problem in making Commerce Portal Up and Run

I am trying to install and work with Commerce Portal and User Portal using Navision Attain 3.10. But got struck even before completing Commerce Portal. (User Portal, I did not start at all). My environment is MS Windows 2000 Server with its SP MS SQL Server 2000 with its SP MS Commerce Server with its SP MS IE 6.0 Navision Attain Server Navision Attain Client Navision Commerce Portal I installed Business Desk also. I am able to see Commerce Portal granule in my opening screen in Navision. I am trying to follow Commerce Portal for Navision Attain 3.10, but, I am unable to do anything concrete. My question is 1. Should I do anything with Commerce Server ? 2. Should I setup Message Queues seperately out of Navision ? 3. Whenever I try to run http://computername/commerceportal I am getting Application(’…’) error. I am unable to see any of the table getting created in the database with table name begining with COMMERCE. Almost most of the coding in the ASP refers to table whose name starts with COMMERCE. Will these tables comes as a part of the Installation CD ? or will it get created once, I setup the Commerce Portal Setup. Is there any document, which I need to follow, so that, I can install and run the application without error. I am really breaking my heads with this. Can u help me out of this problem. I am a beginner with hardly a month of experience. I will be greatly thankful, if anyone can extend their support to me. If there is any PDF’s from which I can get information, I will do that.

I think I have seen in a known issues document for 3.10 that there is issues with installing it on machines with IE6.0, they recommend IE5.5 SP2

Hi Mani, Commerce Portal installation/troubleshooting is a complicated issue due to the No. of Servers/Services involved and integration between Navision/MS products. In another related forum here,you can find a comprehensive list of things to do and in which order? In general guidelines: 1. Install & run all your mentioned Servers/Services on Admin A/c only and not on local system a/c. 2. Check for queue access(Everyone must have full access in queues). 3. Advisable to restart after installation of every server/services and keep an eye on Event Viewer for error messages. 4. As mentioned by you,Tables weren’t created on SQL Server which may mean: Your integration of Commerce Portal/SQL Server isn’t complete. Reasons: 4.1 Check if OLAP Services are installed properly and running on admin a/c. 4.2 Same is case for Message Queues. Check: 1. If messages are reaching Synch Msg Q or Error Msg Q? 2. NAS is up & running properly on admin a/c 3. Commerce Portal Synch. Service also up and running on admin a/c. More help is available on doc. Troubleshooting Commerce Portal. Do check and intimate what’s your Event Viewer saying as NAS also writes to it. Hope the above guidance can help you in addressing some of your issues. Regards