Problem in make to order while change in site


We are working in multisite environment where in between Raw material and Finished Goods, the semi finished items are manufactured across the sites.

My Final Goods structure is in make to order scenario with all BOM lines type is Producton

A(FG-BOM -Site 1) <-B (WIP-BOM- site 1) <–C(WIP BOM-site 2)<–D (WIP- BOM-Site 2)<–E (Item-site 2)

(FG- Finished Good, WIP-Work in progress)

Each Bom have Bom line type "Production "

My requirement is once I Estimate the BOM A then automatically Bom B, C, D, are need to estimate but due to change in site in between production, remaining BOM production order is not creating automatically from site change.

Kindly suggest and thanks in advance.

Kindly expect answer of this Problem…

The estimate will not do this if I understand what you are saying, you probably need to look at pegged supply and planning to drive and connect all of the elements. With teh pegged supply you can then estimate all together, but it depends what you really require it to do.

Thanks for your valuable response…

But in my case , once I estimate the Production order then in pegging, child Production order will create up to same site but if change in site within chain of BOM then remaining orders will not create.

A(FG-BOM -Site 1) <-B (WIP-BOM- site 1) <–C(WIP BOM-site 2)<–D (WIP- BOM-Site 2)<–E (Item-site 2)

In this case I am getting estimated Production order till “B” but I want Estimated production order till “D”. Also automatic once I estimate Prod order of “A”.

(All BOM have BOM line type PRODUCTION)

If I keep same site (EX-site 1) for all BOM then I am getting all estimated of “B”, “C”, “D” Production order.

At least in pegging all child BOM Production order should get.

Kindly help and thanks in advance

I am not talking about pegging, I am talking about the BOM line type pegged supply and a construct of multi-level BOM’s that help you do this.

Thank you !!

But Bom line type Pegged supply is in AX 2012 and I am using AX 2009.

Can you help me regarding same.

Thanks in advance

Use the line type production, it is the same just renamed.

Thank you !!

But if I use line type Production then Problem of Automatic estimation of child production order, if change in site during chain.

Need to create Production order manually rather than automatic estimation and reservation for parent Production order.

My main purpose is to follow Make to order scenario and here I want each child item should get reserve for parent production order even change in site.

I think this is limitation of system.

If any other suggestion please suggest.

No you do not need to create the production order manually, these are referenced production orders created at the same time as the parent production order. If you configure the BOM to pull items from a separate warehouse it would naturally cascade this down the chain. Have you actually set this up - if you have can you describe your level 0 and level 1 setup, the orders produced and what you feel it should do against what it is doing.

Thanks you !

You are right but this is possible only when I run master planning but I want this scenario through without master planning .

A(FG-BOM -Site 1) <-B (WIP-BOM- site 1) <–C(WIP BOM-site 2)<–D (WIP- BOM-Site 2)<–E (Item-site 2)

If I create Production order for BOM A and estimate it manually then Production order till BOM D should get estimate.

If this possible trough Manual Production order then kindly suggest through above mention line.

Thanks in advance.

No you would not be able to do this manually from memory, item C that comes from site 2 would need to be transferred, you could setup pegged consumption but your issue is with the related cross site setup. Your C is made at site 2 which means it needs to be consumed from there but cannot in a site 1 BOM. Planning could work, manually I think not, but you would need to set it up and see I am afraid.

Thank you !!

I will use this requirement through Master Planning only or else Manually I will create Production order.