Problem in item tracking

Hi Experts,

I setup item tracking for sales and enter all information for a sales transaction.Then i created item tracking line and assigned SN nos [which is SN01 to SN05] .But after that I need to change the sales line information. so I deleted the line and that time system asked me to delete the item tracking line also, and I deleted that. Then I enter new information for sales line and created item tracking line.But instead of giving that SN01 to SN05, system assigned SN06 to SN10.I think this is wrong. i’m only a beginner in Nav.Can anyone give a solution on this?

thanks in advance



Why are you creating a serial number to sell - should you not be picking the serial number from stock? If you do not require any backward traceability from sales then the actual number is not relevant unless it is on the item.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for ur reply.But this is not the exact answer i’m looking for. My problem is "for a sales or a purchase transaction i assigned serial nos for the quantity.but i didn’t post the transaction.after assigning the SN nos i just deleted the sales or purchase line and also deleted the SN nos.So when i’m assigning SN nos for the next time it should take the deleted SN nos also. But its not taking.

That’s just not how numbering series work. Once a number is generated, the system doesn’t keep track of whether you actually use the number or not.

Thanks Den 4 ur reply. So we need to customize the program for getting SN Nos in that way…right