Problem in Inventory

Hi All, Description - We are facing one problem in the Inventory side. For few documents for a particular Item, after running the periodic activites, Problem - Invoiced quantity is not updated. (Quantity is correct and Invoiced Quantity and Remaining Quantity are 0). where we got this error (Module) Manufacturing Module. After Production, Quantity is consumed and output produced. Consumption Entries are posted correctly. We are facing this problem in the Output Entries. Environment Database - Navisoin Native Ver 3.60 Hotfix Applied - till 31 can any one help me onthis.

You will need to finish the production order to push these through from memory.

Hi Steven, Are you mentioning this… Manufacturing → Realease production order → functions → change status → finished. and close the production order. If so, that is already done. I also did another check. There is no open entry for the respective document no. We can find the document no in the “Finished Prod. Orders”. Showing all the consumption. but no invoiced quantity updation for the output type. If you are mentioning something else, can you give little bit more details on hoqw ot do that.

Hi Now check that EVERY component used in the production of the order is completely invoiced. This means every component has to either have had a purchase invoice applied to the receipt transaction, or if it is a bill withoin a bill, then this is completely invoiced, for this level to be completely invoiced please repeat the above!