Problem in getting the Remaining Qty of Partial order in my PickList Report.

Process Flow 1:

  • Create SO
  • Add Item
  • Add Qty
  • Add Price

Order 21pcs.

Then, Partial printing of PickList


Process Flow 2:

  • Go to SO Created
  • Update Line
  • Pick

  • Update Reservation
  • Reserve
  • Qty to Pick
  • Register all

in that part i already done reserve the Qty to pick.

Now i want to Get the Remaining Qty Order in my 2nd Printing of Picklist(for Complition)

and i don’t know how???

Base on Above Screen shot.

Order 21pcs

Qty to pick 2pcs

there for my Remaining Oreder is 19psc.

then i want to show it in my 2nd printing.

can Someone help me on my Problem?



Salesline.Qty = Quantity in SO
InventTrans.Qty = Quantity remaining


please reply?

Hello Jhon,

if you will run the picking list now it will generate for the remaining quantity only.

still if you are facing the problem to differentiate your picked and on order quantity you can check the field status issue which has these status specified …

you can use the relation with rec id of ur sales order with the inventTrans Origin field of inventtrans and u will get the quantity in QTY field