Problem in filtering in dialog box for a Report

Hi Guys,

I am generating a report and have added TaxTrans in Data source. TaxTrans consists of field called ECC number which is customized. This field is EDT and has values for various other data like ECC numbers, Registration numbers etc… Now i need to use ECC number for filtering the report , but this ECC number should be of Tax Type : Excise. So how do i achieve this, Kindly give me some ideas.


u try this

while select taxtrans

where taxtrans.eccnumber == “ur number”

&& taxtrans .taxtype == taxtype::excise


-----------------------------ur code


if it does not solve ur issue please be clear with the requirement…

I am asking how to filter when we select in dialog for generating a report , Not as in report itself.

add a range as s hown in below code in fetch method

qbr1 = qbds2.addRange(fieldnum(SalesLine,ItemId));
qbr1.value(ItemId); // here ItemId is the filter value which comes from the dialod