Problem in dimensions

Dear All,

One of my client have 20 dimensions, while in standard Navision we can use Maximum 8 dimensions

How to solve this problem ?

Dimensions are technically unlimited, my understanding was that without Advanced Dimensions Granule you can only use Glob 1 and 2. But I did not know of a restriction to 8.

Ohhhhh! you mean shortcut dimension codes on forms? Well, you code round that!

Replicate the code that you will find on the form such as Sales Order Line.

Otherwise Ctrl+Shift+D brings up “All” the dimensions. (Think thats the right shortcut key)


Hi Prakash,

In Dynamics NAV there are no limitations in the number of Dimensions you can setup. The only technical limitation is the number of “Shortcut Dimensions” that you can setup without programming. But Tony is correct. You can program this easily by copying the code done for the other Shortcut Dimensions. Without this code change you can still use as many dimensions as you like, you just need to do it from the menu (ex. Line->Dimensions).

But when that has been said, then I would really recommend that you get out your “business process consultant” skills and start analysing the customers business and reporting requirements to see why 20 dimensions are needed.

Unless this is a very small customer with a minimum of transactions, then I would never recommend anyone to have more than the standard 8 dimensions. The problem is that the way Dynamics NAV is programmed to support Dimensions is going to slowy kill the performance of your customers solution.

Just do a small calculation. If you avarrage Invoice has 5 lines. Then every time you post an invoice it will generate:

6-10 g/l entry lines depending on your costing pricinple (+ dimensions x 20)
5 item ledger entries + 5 item value entries (+ dimension x 20)
1 customer ledger entry (+ dimensions x 20)
sales tax/vat ledger entries

That means that you might have more than 400 database updates for every invoice you create.

I have had many customers who, when we started out the project had arround 20 dimensions. I have also had customers who had 20 dimensions or more when we went live. But I have still not had one customer who had 20 dimensions 1 year after go-live, without big complains about performance.

So you better make this clear to you customer before you start, and if you don’t have the overview of the customers financial reporting requirements (or you don’t understand them), then get someone on this project who understands it and can talk to the customer about it.

Hi Prakash,

Erik is 100% right. On a practical note my users never want to go to a second screen to enter a dimension. Many data entry users follow path of least resistance so will not key data accuratley unless workflow is quick and obvious. Therefore I have always found dimensions need correct masterfile setup (garbage in garbage out- and appropriate controls (permissions and workflow design) so defaults are correct on sales documents etc, or if you do need to have staff enter dimensions in areas like sales documents directly you really need them as a shortcut on the sales document header itself which is a coding exercise (if you go beyond two global dimensions) - not particulary hard but you have to touch a few places.

Finally the great hole in dimensions is often posted transactions are coded incorrectly (especially when controls above are not setup well) and NAV at present (in standard) does not let you change Dimensions on posted transaction (need to revers and repost). As most Dimension ideas are for sales analysis sometimes creating the data on the customer card and writing sales reports by sorting and grouping the customer card appropriately is a more accurate sales analysis tool - although reports can be slower than a simple sort on Stock Value Entry table at least data is always grouped by correct analysis group you currently have customer placed in (unless you delete Customers of course).


I am a beginner and I am trying to use dimensions. Can you help me to find a manual about dimensions, how to create and use them?

Thnaks in advance, sincerely.