Problem in Detail Trail Bal RTC Report


In Detail Trail Balance report, under the G/L Entry dataitem, I have linked “Posted Narration” to print Narration for each entry. Then in RDLC, I have created a new group, and assigned all the gl entry fields (that was printing in body) to this new group. Under this group, I have created a body row and assigned the narration fields.

When I preview the report, it prints fine. But the summation of the Debit/Credit Amount is printing wrong. Wrong in sense, that, if an entry has more than 1 line of narration, it sums the same amount that many times.

Then I tried using a variable to sum the amount in OnAfterGetRecord of GL Entry and display the same in the RDLC group(2) footer, but the value is not printing, its blank. I tried using “Last”, but still it is printing blank.

Please let me know, how can I resolve this issue. Only the requirement is to print narration for entries in Detail Trail Balance.

Thanks & Regards,