Problem in creating Production Order

Dear All,

I have already defined the routes and operations for the production order. Even activated and approved. Also a BOM Version is created.

Now when i select a item for the production order and select the BOM and Route and all other fields. As i click OK the error comes “Base operation of operation number 20 for item 1101 does not exist.”.

I don’t know why it is occurring.

Thanks in Advance.

Dheeraj Kumar.

Delete operation 20 of your active route, recreate it manually then load a new sales order. Sounds to me as though there is an issue with op 20 of some sort.

Thank you Sir…


Hi Adam

I am facing the same issue while copying the different route in a production order for replacing the existing route.I have deleted and created the operation as you have said but still i am getting the same error.Here the routes i am using are parallel routes with primary and secondary operations.

Which you have already posted as a new forum question.

Hi Dheeraj,

Look at this link…/while-making-production-order-i-got.html