Problem in Creating codeunit in NAV5

i’ve client license, showing 100 codeunits,

8,600 Application Objects - Codeunits (100) 1

but when we try to create new code unit it’s shows

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Codeunit, Basic’ System.

Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.


In License permission tables also it’s showing that we’ve a full permission on 50000 to 50099 code units

please advice.



Client license does not allow to create or modify Code Unites.

You need to have a Partner license to do it.

If you have change the license and continue.

Hi Jai,

Code unit is used to write business functionality and it is not accessible by client license and it is accessed by partner license only.

Kindly contact your partner…

Or the client needs to have either “Application Designer” or “Solution Developer” granules in their license. Which ones depends on whether the codeunit makes any references to protected tables.

Having granule 8600 is not enough.

The license have to have codeunits assigned as well.

“Assigned codeunits” means that the license is allowed to use codeunits with specific (=assigned) id’s.

The assignment is made in Microsoft’s Partnersource/VOICE. And it has to be made by a MS Partner or by Microsoft.
Usually assignments are done without any charge (it is the granule that has a price).

Perhaps the customer is allowed to assign in Customersource.
Does anyone know?