Problem in connecting to NAV

Hi All,

I have problem in connecting to NAV. When I try to connect to a database with windows authentication, it throws an error ‘User Id and passsword are iinvalid’.

I have given a backup of a Nav DB(Version 6.0 with SQL Server option) and asked to fix some problems in some Reports. I have restored that backup in navision 2009 R2 installed on my machine locally. When I try to connect to that DB, system throws an error as above.

I think after restoring a DB, I need to Synchronise all logins. I know how to do this in NAV. Since I couldn’t able to connect to NAV, I have to do it from SQL server. But I am not sure how to do it on SQL Server.

I created a new login(Test User) with SQL Server Authentication and a role in SQL Server with role Sysadmin and db-owner. Still it gives me the same error when connecting to that DB in Nav.

Please correct me if my assumptioon is wrong or if I am missing any other necessary steps.

did u try with sa login?

I could able to connect with sa login, then I connected to Nav and created a windows login. then I could able to connect to NAV using windows authentication.

But still not clear, why I am unable to connect with a test user(SQL Server authentication) I created.