Problem in AX Insert_Recordset

Dear All,

I am using Insert_recordset to insert records to a transaction table. In the AX form, at the “Post” function, these records are inserted to transaction summary table. The number of records insert at a time may vary from 20 to 100. Because of a user complain, when I checked the live system, I found that, at the posting time, some of the records does not inserted to the Transaction summary table though insert_recordset. Even it doesn’t give any error. When I use while select for the same case to insert, it works properly. Can any one help me regarding this, as we suffer from this case repeatedly.

Thanks in advance



Hello Dilini,

Have you find the solution for this issue?

I’m facing this now :frowning:

Thanks & Regards,

Anh Mai

Please post your problem (in detail) in a separate thread.