problem in applying security filters

when i am appling security filters while giving permissions to users it is not working…how can i restrict specific user from viewing only certain range of customers/employees/item etc…help me please regards anoop

Are you trying in Navision Server or SQL Option? Regards

Hy Millan i have no solution to set “securtiy filters” direct in the tables. The only way is to set filters in your forms. If you use “filtergroup(Group)” to set the filters in a group higher than 0, your users are no longer able to change/reset your “security filter”. Details see Navision - help. Here is a little example how to change a form: onopenform trigger: filtergroup (4); setfilter(Field,Filtervalue); filtergroup (0); //dont miss this statement!! Bye Stefan

hi Rahimuddin Thanks for your reply i am using Navision server… Thank you stefan i will try this out… regards Millan

Hi The solution by Mr stefan is absolutely right, i have used this and works successfully. Please Note, if u have used a variable.Reset anywhere after the Filtergroup(0) line, the security filter will not be applicable anymore. bye venax

The Security Filter which can be defined from Tools–>Security–>Roles–>Permissions–>Table Data works only on SQL Option for Navision Attain and not on Navision Server. Refer to documentation. Regards