Problem importing from Excel

I have a problem importing data from Excel using templates created from Axapta 3.0. Some of the fields are imported and some not. I reed the documentation and it’s written that the data type of the cell in Excel is crusial for the successful import and when the type does not match that one in Axapta, the field is NOT imported. I tried to change the types in Excel but with no success… Some times data such as AccountNumber in LedgerTable does not seem to be valid, some times the Enum types does not corespond to an adequate term… Any ideas? Can this be connected with the version of Excel (mine is 97)? Regards Ivo

i had same problem, i solve with next steps, weird but solve problem: 1.- In excel use function concatenate, concatenate cell where is data with “” (blank spaces). Example, 4500 + “”, result same 4500. 2.- Copy cell where is result, and use paste special, only data. 3.- Try again. Hope help this weird procedure greetings erpuser