Problem for Send Mail through Navision 5.0

Dear Dynamics Gurus,

I want to send a to the customer as a Confirmation of Order Acceptance. we can send the Report Via File-Send-Report By E-mail as HTML body.

but as we have the e-mail address on the customer card. system do not pick up the “To” field from the E-mail address of the customer based on the customer.

Same can be the case for Purchase Order.

Please guide as to can it be done and if so How.?

You have to do this by first printing the report to a .pdf (or similar format) and then sending the file as an attachment in an email using relationship management or a customization. Generally, I’ve seen this done as a customization, because it typically involves a modification to the report as well – usually a check box like “send email”.

Your NSC should be able to help you. Something like this typically takes 8 hours. Of course, there are probably a lot of folk on here who can do it a lot faster, but … well… they’re better than average.

The Send By Email function is not designed in that way. This is a function prepares the email. If you want to send a report by email that would be a modification. Ask your partner. They wil l be able to assist. This is a very common request.