Problem executing query using temp table in SSRS Reports


I have created one field in tmp table and and coded it in its class and also provide that field in query and generated the filed in SSRS report in visual studio , where the value is displaying in visual studio but after deploying it in AX 2012

the error as "the queries has error occured in it. the field in tmp table.1.field is not on report server of tmp table.

please help me out whats the problem , its urgent



Hi RG,

Please delete the dataset and rebuild it, because it may create the correct reference.

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but after refreshing i am getting the tmp table field in dataset so i am allocating it to the design and deploying it

well the report is working fine in visual studio but not in ssrs

I think we need to deploy the report in report server database and also add the report model in AOT by clicking the icon “ADD the xyz report model to AOT”. Also when you are opening the visual studio you have to ensure it should open as run as administrator.If then also changes has not been reflected then you need to restart the reporting service.

In AX report server configuration please ensure it should have valid settings. You can get this by clicking validate settings.

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