Problem emailing licence files

I recently emailed several end-users with their company’s licence file. Some of them received it okay but one of them found that he got an application error in Navision when he tried to import the licence to his test system. When I sent him a replacement on diskette, it turned out that the emailed version was 2 bytes longer. The only thing we can think of is that an anti-virus scanner along the way has been meddling with it. Has anyone else got any experience of this? I’m not sure what anti-virus he was using but the company use different anti-virus products at corporate, site & PC level. Cheers, John

We’ve had various problem with moving license files from one place to another through the years. I think some ftp transfers did corrupt the files. Lately, we’ve not have much trouble with email. If you have the problem again, you might try putting the license file into a ZIP file. This sometimes solves problems like you describe. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News

I have also experienced the same with fob files. The size of such files changes if sent through mail!!! but atleast there wasnt any change in the working and the importing was good. But alas the there is always a difference in the size of the sender and receiver. This is usually observed when remote support is given. Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

Yes FLF files get corrupted if you send them with some email programs… just zip and email them. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Couple minutes ago I had the fob sending problem. Some web based mail clients corrupt files (I’m using Novell IMS). But sending with email program everything is OK. There should be problem in attachments codding (UUE)

The internet handles email as 7bit ASCII for historic reasons. You can not change that while there are still parts of the internet stripping the last bit of every email message. To send binary files (like license and fob files) they must be encoded. Unfortunately some mail clients (well it only appears to be Eudora) mess up on the decoding and add spurious line feeds. This is caused because it interprets the encoded file as a text file and not a binary file. The advice is to always zip the files you send by email as every email client knows what to do with a zip file. Paul Baxter

I never had any problems sending FLF’s or FOB’s. However I guess that Paul is right and I was just lucky enough to have used the right e-mail program with the right encoding configuration. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian