Problem during the launch of Microsoft Dynamics ax client and aos


I just installed AX 2012 R3 on the server, all has been well, I install the instance of the database, the AOS and client, when I run the client I have a message error that displays “communication failure”: The server is not disponibe .Check your configuration and network connection and try again.

I check the services , when I start the AOS services: Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server 6.3 $ 01-MicrosoftDynamicsAX12, an error message appears: Windows could not start the Microsoft Dynamics Server 6.3 $ 01 - MicrosoftDynamicsAX12 on local Computer.

I click on the AOS service properties, I check the path to the executable file access as shown in the photo, I can not find this folder on my server.

Thank you for helping me

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AX client obviously can’t connect to AOS if it’s not running, therefore you have to resolve the problem with your AOS.

If you really don’t have the folder for AOS, then your installation is corrupted and you’ll have to reinstall the AOS or restore your environment from a backup. If you find the files after all, check the event log for more information about why the AOS didn’t start.

Thank you, I solved this error.