Problem dealing with returned items that need repair before going into warehouse again

Hi all,
My client manufacturers air conditioners. When they sell a product, a service item is automatically created for after sale warranty. The problem they have is when customers return a product, upon applying it to the invoice and reversing the sales order transaction, NAV acts as if the item is transferred back to the warehouse. However, the actual process doesn’t allow that. All machines that are returned need to be inspected and most likely repaired before it is categorized as a new item, refurbish, or discarded item.

Is there a way for NAV to not automatically delete the service item when the item is returned?

To not automatically +1 to the inventory item as if it’s returned automatically to the warehouse, or return the item to an alternate warehouse (currently, the returned location is required to be the same location the item was sold - aka. blue)?

To automatically create a service order/item for the repair people to inspect and repair, and afterwards transfer back to given location code? This way fault codes and resolution codes can be recorded for reporting purposes.

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback!