Problem accessing table 5080 ”To-do”

Strange behavior on my database. I can’t make a run on the table 5080 ”To-do” in a Special Company – but in an’ other company same database there is no prb. I can access Design on the table – can anybody explain that behavior – It’s only a Navision Client problem. Running Navision Runtime 3.70 – MS Sql Server 2000 ServicePack 3 – Windows Login My logon I attack to the role “SUPER” no Company filter

What error do you get ?

No read access to table “To-Do” !! If i make a’ SQL SELECT in MsQRY - All data is displayed - same login account!!

Create a new form based on the Table “License permission”. Then set a filter to object number 5080 you should get something like: Object Type Object Number Read Permission Insert Permission Modify Permission Delete Permission Execute Permission TableData 5080 Yes Yes Yes Yes Table 5080 Yes Yes Yes Yes

To me it looks like a company restriction issue, check the role assignation of that user if there are any restriction in the “Company” field in User - Roles (Tools, Security, Logins, Roles). License issue would be really strange, as you can access the data within another company and even in design mode… though it might be that that particular Navision client is using a local license, instead the server one… (open the cliente, change the license, and reconnect to the server will use the local license instead of the server one, though once closing and reopening the cliente, the server license will get used again). Saludos Nils

Hi Nils,


My logon I attack to the role “SUPER” no Company filter

just see this.

[Oops!]… you got me there… then it’s really stranger, how is it possible to access a table within one company, but not in the other, using a license without access to that table??? Then it must be related to the usage of a local license file… checking the license in Help - About might giva a first idea if the correct license is in place. Saludos Nils

It is of course possibel to be Super in one company, but not another. THis would allow you to design the table, but not run it.

That’s of course correct, though hcn mentions that “to the role “SUPER” no Company filter”… or am I missing something there… i think it would be helpful get some more input from hcn if he has been able to gather some additional info. Saludos Nils

Yes I saw that, but I think that hcn has missed something. It might be that the error isn’t even perission, it maybe a flow field oor somethign liek that. hcn, can you recheck everythign, adn try to explain exactly the situation.

If I read the License permission table this information Object Type Index From To Read Permission Insert Permission Modify Permission Delete Permission Execute Permission TableData 22 5080 5091 Yes Yes Yes Yes Table 43 5050 5220 Yes Yes Yes Yes I’ doubble check the licens the database and local machine … its not the issue!!! When I make a’ login as non ‘SUPER’ user role there i no prbs go get access to that table in the normal forms etc. - If I make a’ non Windows Login user and add the role ‘SUPER’ there is no prbs at all’ Then I’ll make a’ check up on permision on the MSSQL server - same permission her!!! The issue must be in the Domain/UserID setup!! - but if I try to make another windows user whit the role ‘SUPER’ same error ‘no read permision to table’ When i got some time i’ll check out ‘David Singleton’ sugsestion abount check flowfield i might be an issue

Did you synchronize security?

Yes I sync. the user account database in the domain and on Navision dbServer (MsSQL)

hcn, How was the Special Company created in your database?

Import of Navision backup - but we had use that table for a long time, it’s the sync table for outlook to-do’s - After yestedays talk on the forum, I have traid to disable all the Flowfield compiled / save the table, but now luck - that table can’t run

Now I made a’ Native db - import a backup of the Company - and now i have luck, the table can run, i can se all data - So the prb. is or must be an Navision Client > MsSQL issue! … Next step i pull backup a’ rename Company into the same SQL Db - then I can see if its a’ Navision SQL ‘Data’ issue -

Then i try to setup ‘SUPER’ with Company filter on the account … then i have access to the table again!! why??? is there any settings somwhere i can’t see or’