Problem about editing the web-control at runtime for enabling workflow in EP


My team is currently developing a wizard that will automate a generalized workflow on the selected module, query, table and form with the required actions of approval and task. Also it will automate the workflow in EP as well if the user needs the same. So for enabling the workflow in EP we need to edit the webcontrol and the aspx file located under “webfiles” in the AOT. Also we need to edit the “Proxies” file and include the table name and the method name (here it will be the canSubmit method). But after editing the same at runtime we are still facing the issue of enabling the workflow in EP.

Though the workflow that is been created is working fine on the client after configuring the same. But still we are unable to start the workflow in EP. In EP either the page is coming blank or at times though the records are shown no workflow is initiated.

Please let me know how to solve these problem and enable the workflow in EP.