Problem about data not retrieved successfully into table object of table of [purchCommitmentLine_PSN]

Hello everyone,

I have a table called [purchCommitmentLine_PSN], and the form that enters data into this table can be accessed from Budgeting > Common > Commitments.

I entered several records, and checked the [purchCommitmentLine_PSN] table through database level, every field has a value.

But when I want to issue a PO, the logic in PurchLine table’s checkPurchCommitmentLine() method, line 25 “purchCommitmentLine.LineDate”, whem I debug, I found the “purchCommitmentLine” object doesn’t have the fields values as the database, for instance, the LineDate field is “0”, while I entered on the form (and also in database), is “04/03/2013”. In another words, the value is lost. Only the dataAreadId (with value 3021) and Partition (value 5637144576) fields have the same value as the fields in the database level dataAreadId (with value 3021), Partition (value 5637144576).

Anyway, the Budgeting module is not activated, could it be the reason why this table cannot get the fields values?

Thank you,