Probleam while opening Bank Receipt Vocher


Please help me in solving this one.

while opening Bank Receipt Vocher

error is : Filter on ’ XX’ on the journal template name field in Gen. journal line table should specify an interval.

thank you

I am not sure whether it is a standard error…

can you check with debugger and paste code here where id stops?

Hi Mohana,

Only in one specified system that BRV is not opening. In remaining all system that BRV is opening.

thank you…

1.Try by compiling the object.

  1. Design the object and save it…

Remember, not every person that posts has development access or even knows that Object Designer / Debugger is. Since this was posted in the Beginner’s forum, and not a developer forum, I would say a better solution would be to search for your zup file and delete it. The zup file holds all of your settings like column order and filters. You can search the forums for it for more information.