Prinzi Introduction

Hi All:

I have been a Microsoft SL user since mid 90’s. I recently lost my job and am looking at utilizing the time for further training. I’m wondering where SL stands in popularity and which Microsoft accounting software is trending up in usage. I love SL but it appears not to be the most popular.

I’d be thrilled to hear from the members regarding which Microsoft accounting/financial/operations package would be a worthwhile investment.

thanks tons


Hi Victoria,

Welcome to the user group and thank you for your introduction. And always happy to welcome another Dynamics SL expert.

If you look at the number of posts on this site, then surely SL is not very popular. But maybe SL users just use other websites. Personally I was actually also a Solomon user - but only for a short period in the mid-90’ies - and that was really a step down, when I came from Navision.

Looking at the future of SL, then I really don’t believe that this is one of the products Microsoft is going to spend the most time one. For years they have primary been market it towards project accounting. I think it might stay as a small Dynamics niche product. But it’s days as the wide range all-round accounting system, which it had in the 90’ies are gone.

If you should look at another package to learn, then I think you should look at either Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV. It also depends on where you are in the world…