PrintOnEveryPage side effect

Hi, I’m currently investigating an strange effect in the report designer. I have a section which must be printed at the bottom of every page. So I took a footer with the properties: PrintOnEveryPage: true PlaceInBottom: true and everything was ok… …but this section must only be printed for a certain company, so I used in the trigger OnPreSection: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT() where in the company name is tested. Of course this worked fine too, but if the report was used in other companies, this section took its place at bottom of every page but invisible, so that the report got somewhat scrambled. If I set PrintOnEveryPage := false then the section doesn’t invisibly grab lines from the report, but that’s not what I want. So the property PrintOnEveryPage shows side effect on the function SHOWOUT(). Does anybody know a workaround? Best Regards, Wolfgang

See the logic: Do While “Not last line” Print Line if footer required then go to “Print Footer” else “Print Line” End Report (STOP) Print Footer If Footer Is Visible Then Show Footer Else Call “Next Page” and go to “Print Line” It’s very-very simplifyed but you can see that this logic cannot continue printing lines if footer must be placed after current line. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

Hi, Why not use LaserNet (Output management), it will easyly solve your request. Further information