Printing W-2's

We are test printing our W-2’s this month (our first year end with Attain). Does anyone have any suggestions or things to look out for? We have no indications of problems, we are not out of balance anywhere, but want to be prepared. Thanks muchly for any suggestions.

The report only prints the data: it assumes you have a standard form in the printer, with the blanks in the right place. The IRS prefers you to use a special preprinted form, because this helps their OCR systems work more smootly, but you can get away with printing W-2s from the PDFs on the web site.

The most frequent problem I’ve seen in the past (other than alignment on the pre-printed forms) is not printing or handling local and state data properly on the W-2s. This is more typically a problem of setup than of the programming.

Thanks for the advise.[:D]