printing user id

on our sales order header it shows the user name of the person who entered the order. i presume this isnt an actual field; and wondering how i would get this information so that it prints out on the order confirmation? along the same lines, on our item card it shows the date and who last modified the item - is it possible to have this information on our customer / vendor (or any other card to think of it) ???

Hi, “Last Date Modified” is a field which is available as standard on all Navision master tables (Item, Customer, Vendor, Contact, etc.). If you don’t have it appearing on the Customer/Vendor Card, it’s because the MBS Partner that performed your installation removed it. But you can still look at the contents of the field by using Tools, Zoom (CTRL+F8). As for the User ID of the last person who modified a record, this is not a standard functionality (unless it is UK specific, which I doubt). It was probably also added by your MBS Partner. You can ask then to apply the same change to Customers, Vendors, etc. Both changes are really very simple and any Partner should be able to do it for you even while they are sleeping… [:D]

thanks for your reply! is it just a change to the form in question? (i have a test database which i like to play on) so if so i shall play on that. also how simple is it to add it to the report?

Yes, it should be only a change in the Form. If you have the basic designer license granule, you should be able to make it visible on the Form again. Same thing for Reports.