Printing to Facsys

Hi, We have a Order Confirmation report in Navision that we send out to our customers. We want to send it out from Facsys. We have added a section with faxnumber so that Facsys can send it automatically. This works fine when we print just one customer. But if we try to print all open orders then Facsys sends all of them to the first customer. I guess that this happens because Navision treats the printing as one big job, instead of one per customer. But are there any workaround so that we can send batch to Facsys and then Facsys will still fax it to different customers? Best regards Daniel

Did you try instead of just “removing the filter” on the report getting all the headers first on a variable and sending the order confirmation filtered by order no. for each of the records?? That will create different jobs on the printer for each customer, as if just remove the filter for sending all the date’s order confirmations, you’re just having one report being printed, and so, one big printer job. Regards,

I tried this but the problem is that it sends all the pages to all the customers. For instance: Two orders to two different customers. Facsys send both orders to both customers. So it appears that Facsys don’t know when the report ends. We have looked in Facsys documentation and even talked to them but they couldn’t help us. /Daniel

Hy Daniel you must call your report with a filter matching only to one order! example: … set your filters on rec_Order1 if rec_Order1 find(’-’) then repeat; __if rec_Order2.get(… primary key of rec_Order1 …) then begin ____rec_Order2.setrecfilter; ____report.runmodal(Report#,false,false,Rec_Order2); __end; until = 0; Bye(Stefan);