Printing to an OKI matricial printer (continuous paper) from nav 4

Good morning!

Does anyone knows, how can I print documents (invoices, ship invoices…) from NAV 4 to a printer that uses continuous paper?

Do I Have to setup something particularly?

Thank you very much.

I am sorry to say this, but in the end it will be cheaper to buy a new printer than to pay for the consulting time to make this work.

Windows needs to know the paper length to be able to form a page and then send to the Printer.

You would have to find a printer driver that allows you to define the paper length exactly, and then build the Navision report to fit this size.

It really is complex.

Other solutions, are third party priniting packages that can intercept the Printer output from Windows, and format it to charachter mode, and this could be a solution if you really need to keep the existing printers. Keep in mind that its very complex to send an ESC from Navision.

Oh and you could swith the printer into graphics mode, but then it will be so slow as to be a joke.