Printing the Report on both side Paper

Hi All…

Somebody can help me to make some codes or logic for printing the invoice in both side of paper ?

i have done Report in NAV 2013 ,my report having 2 pages one my client wants to when we click print button they want to print front and back in single page,so it possible through code or only printer selection if any code please help me.

That’s a printer setting. Nothing to be done via code.

Thank you

You can create a duplicate printer with the same settings as your regular printer.

Set the default proprties on the new printer to double sided - give it a new name


Dell 3010cn
Dell 3010cn-DS

You can the default the printer to the “DS” (double sided) one

I ment default the report’s printer to the new “DS” printer. Infact anyone using the DS printer will have their printjobs double sided.