Printing the Invoice on both side of paper

Hi Somebody can help me to make some codes or logic for printing the invoice in both side of paper ? (Provided printer have this feature). Issues:- Some invoices have only one page and some other have more than one page All the invoice should start from new sheet of paper. Regards Joseph Mathew

Make certain that each invoice is set to start a new page. After you are finished printing an invoice check the page number and if it is odd (1 = CurrReport.PAGENO MOD 2) then force a new page (CurrReport.NEWPAGE). This will start a new page and then when the next invoice also starts a new page, you will end up with a blank page (to fill the back side of the paper).

Hi Reynolds I am using the table invoice header and invoice detail tables for this report. So, which is the best trigger to put the code for checking pageno and force to new page. Regards Joseph Mathew

Joseph, Try the OnPostDataItem trigger for the Sales Invoice Line table.