Printing source code in the report

i want to create a G/l entry report.i have taken two fields i.e souce code and entry no.i have taken the dataitem g/l entry and in section i added two filed…i want to show the payment option in the source code filed based on entry no…plz suggest me.

i added the property like WHERE(Source Code=FILTER(PAYMENT)) in the g/l entry data item

You want to show only records which has Source Code Payment?

yes.i got the answer

And what was the answer??

Always verify the answer. And if nobody gave the right answer here, then please write, so that the next person who have your question will know the answer without having to ask it again. This way your question may also help other members.

ok i select that filter in table relation then i change that filter into sourcetableview…then i got the answer

Actually i understood my task wrongly…i want to show in the form not in the report…sorry fo that