Printing Sales report with Company Logo on

I have import the .bmp file in general ledger, setup, and company information. How can i display my company logo on the sales order, when printing the sales order? Thank you

Picture control where source is the company information.Picture field and use of CALCFIELDS on that field before showing it.

Under the options tab on the Print Request form (that little box that pops up before you print), there should be an option for printing the company logo. Just simply check that box when you want to print your company logo. IF you want to print it every single time, there will be some small coding that needs to be done on the report. Good Luck!

I believe that the box Sandy is referring to is the Print Company Address. In base Navision, this will just print/not print the Address from the Company Information table. The Logo is not printed. You must add it using the procedure that Alfonso outlined. I would guess that you are looking at a custom version.

Insert a Picture box control in ur Sales Order report where u like to print the company logo.Now in C/AL Grobal declare a variable(say RecComp) of datatype Record and Subtype Company Information.Now in the source expression property of the Picture box write RecComp.Picture. Hope this will solve ur purpose.