Printing reports problem

I am calling a Codeunit: PrintSelect.PrintReport(PurchaseHeader.“No.”); The code behind PrintReport is: ----snip---- REPORT.RUN(xxxx1,FALSE,TRUE,PrintRec); REPORT.RUN(xxxx2,FALSE,TRUE,PrintRec); REPORT.RUN(xxxx3,FALSE,TRUE,PrintRec); REPORT.RUN(xxxx4,FALSE,TRUE,PrintRec); REPORT.RUN(xxxx5,FALSE,TRUE,PrintRec); ----snip---- I use the coding to avoid the PrinterRequestWindow. However, that is working fine. Now, the user want to print ANY other report and choose Print (not PrintPreview). The Printer Request window pops up for 1/2 a second and then disappear “behind the application” window. Using WIN-Shift-# does not bring the window up to front again. Using “show desktop” and then a klick on the printer request window will start the printout. After calling the codeunit once this behaviour will happen till you close the Navision client. The customer is currently using 3.60 (client executable build 12822) under WinXP SP2. However, same with 3.70 client. It does not matter calling the reports by an other report or by a codeunit. I checked it out already. Any ideas?

Guys, I posted the topic to “report” an error in the Navision executable. However, has somebody a workaround? Any ideas? Upgrade the executable to 3.7(which is not working either) or even 4.0 is not possible (at least not NOW). Any help welcome. Thank you.